A multifunctional solution for rental management professionals

Administrative management

The administrative burden of a real estate portfolio can be laborious with little automation. This set of low added value tasks can quickly fill your agenda, or that of your employees, and represent a significant cost.

YouRENT allows you to automate your entire administrative process (properties, leases, mandates, meters, payments, indexation...), significantly increase the productivity of your team, avoid errors, speed up processes and reduce costs.

Technical management & intervention

  A good maintenance of your goods and an efficient follow-up of your tenants’ intervention requests is essential for:

  • Keeping your property in good condition and, thus, avoid spending money on unidentified leaks or on problems arising from too much deterioration.  

  • Ensure your tenants’ satisfaction and, thus, reduce your tenant turnover. 

YouRENT's maintenance module allows you to centralize all the information in order to optimize your organization (maintenance date, model, address, supplier contact, ...).

For your tenants’ intervention requests, we have created a ticketing service that allows you to put the tenant directly in contact with your technical team or supplier. No more need to spend hours on the phone!