A multi-functional solution for rental management professionals

A multi-functional solution for rental management professionals

administration gestion automatisation baux indexation


Automate all your administrative processes

gestion technique ticket helpdesk maintenance entretien


Planning maintenance and servicing

finance comptabilité rapports analyse


Accounting, reporting and analysis of figures

commercial portail courtage agence


Property marketing 
and portals

Administrative management

The administrative burden of a property portfolio can be laborious if not automated. This set of low-value-added tasks can quickly fill your diary, or that of your employees, and represent a significant cost.

YouRent enables you to automate your entire administrative process (property, leases, warrants, meters, payments, indexation, etc.), significantly increasing the productivity of your team, avoiding errors, speeding up processes and reducing costs.

What's more, all the information is centralised in YouRent. If a manager is absent or on holiday, you'll have a view of all his or her management and email exchanges with tenants/owners/suppliers without needing to access their email inbox.

To facilitate relations with tenants, they have full access to all information relating to their home, their lease, their bills and their technical requests. They can consult and download certain documents, view unpaid bills and create new requests for technical assistance.

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Technical management and support

Effective monitoring of your tenants' service requests, maintenance management and regular technical visits are essential:

  • to keep your property in good condition and avoid costs resulting from excessive deterioration
  • to ensure the satisfaction of your tenants and, consequently, reduce your turnover rate and vacancy rates

The YouRent maintenance module enables you to centralise all the information on visits, maintenance and checks to be carried out in your portfolio, so as to optimise your organisation (equipment, models, addresses, supplier contacts, key dates, reminders, etc.).

Thanks to automatic reminders, maintenance will never again be forgotten. The person in charge of maintenance (be it the owner, manager, supplier or tenant) will be warned in good time and will receive reminders as long as proof of maintenance has not been provided. No more running around looking for certificates.

For your tenants' service requests, we have created a helpdesk service (technical tickets) that enables you to put the tenant directly in touch with your technical team or your supplier. No need to spend hours on the phone. You'll keep a record of everything that's happened in each property in one place.

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Financial and accounting management

By default, YouRent offers you full business accounting (cost accounting, double-entry accounting), working via input screens suitable for any manager with no accounting skills. The tool comes with analysis capabilities (pivot tables, graphs, comparisons between periods, etc) as well as a set of performance indicators. It also offers optional optical character recognition (OCR) for purchase invoices. YouRent covers the management needs of multiple owners, with or without a management mandate, as an individual or a company, and with VAT where applicable. YouRent can also generate payment files to speed up the payment of purchase invoices, management fees or reimbursements to owners.

Owners will be able to see how their properties are occupied, rents received and outstanding, property-related charges and any technical work carried out on their units. Thanks to the dynamic tables, they can analyse their quarterly and annual income, as well as their charges for each building.

YouRent can be combined with Odoo's general accounting capabilities to generate statutory financial statements.

With all your data in one place, you can monitor the health of your business in real time, pull up your management reports at the click of a button, and discover all our analysis and reporting features.

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Commercial management

YouRent makes it easier for you to deal with your tenants, landlords and the agencies responsible for marketing your properties. Thanks to the portals created for each of these parties, they can access the information they need at any time.

Through its portal, the agency can view the properties it has to market and has access to all the key information on the properties. It can easily print out this data during visits, so as to present the property more effectively to potential tenants.

If you do your own lettings, a CRM will give you an overview of prospective tenants. Thanks to automated forms, you can easily collect information on the future tenant following a visit, for example. This will save you many hours of data entry, as the lease contract will directly incorporate the information provided by the prospective tenant.

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