Some features

Administrative management  

Information centralization

With YouRENT, all your information is stored in one place: Your documents, your communications, and your transactions. No matter where you are, you can access and share them, via computer, tablet, or smartphone.
At the level of your lease, you will find all the information concerning it: tenants’ contact, scanned documents, invoices, emails exchanged between the tenant and your property manager, as well as all the history of the lease.  

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Automatic indexing

YouRENT enables you to save time as it automatically indexes all your leases. Once the new index is applied, an e-mail is automatically sent to your tenants so that they can make the necessary arrangements.

You can manage your indexations one by one, or index all your leases at once.

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Mutation table

At each stage of the lease, YouRENT automatically plans your activities or those of your collaborators. 
Signature of the lease, rental guarantee, key delivery date, ... YouRENT makes sure you will never forget anything again!

Other features

Payments reconciliation

Bank synchronization

Management of the counters and their indexes

Expense settlement

Internal communication system

Mass email and emailing system for your tenants

Tenant and landlord interface

Mandates management

Website for your business

Technical management &  intervention

Ticketing system

Every request from your tenants, by email or through a contact form on your website, will generate a ticket and your property manager will be notified. Thanks to this ticket you will be able to warn everyone: owner, tenant, technical director or your supplier. You can also arrange an appointment with your tenant as to solve the problem as soon as possible.

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Maintenance reminder

YouRENT enables you to register all your installations that need maintenance so as to never forget to do it.

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Other features

Integrated calendar for appointment scheduling

Registration of your supplier’s contracts

Work partners management

Financial management

Complete accounting system

The foundations of YouRENT are based on Odoo. This allows us to bring the full Odoo experience to the Real Estate world.  We have adapted their accounting system to provide you with the best of the system.

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YouRENT lets you extract your management report in one click and send it to your customer.
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Other features

Analytics and data display

Connectors to third parties like government, banks, insurance companies, etc.