The life cycle of a tenancy

The life cycle of a tenancy is organized according to the key steps in the life of the tenants. We have identified 5 key steps corresponding to the tenancy's different stages in YouRent:

  1. Draft: the tenancy is being negotiated and/or drafted but not yet signed.

  2. Processed: The tenant signed the tenancy  but has not yet returned. It is therefore necessary to manage the returning, handing over the keys, inventory, etc.

  3. Open: the tenant returned. The only thing left to do is to monitor the rental payment, and possibly revive it and index it once a year.

  4.  In termination: the tenancy is terminated but the tenant has not yet left. It is necessary to return the rental property, make an inventory of fixtures, manage the closing of the counters, etc.
  5. Closed: the tenant left the place. If there are amounts or files still open, you can of course continue to manage them, but a priori, the tenancy can be archived.

You can examine the tenancy status at the top right of the screen.

To change the status, you have the access to contextual buttons on the top left.

If you click on the "confirm the tenancy", it will change status to "processed", and so on.



 When you click on the "Open" button, the invoicing process is launched and the rent calls will be automatically generated the moment you define it. 

A new tab will appear, showing you the details of these rents and their status (open, paid, partially paid, etc.)