Invoices generation

In YouRENT, in order to have a precise view and history of the situation of all our tenants, any amount claimed from a tenant goes through an invoice.

These invoices can be sent or not depending on their type:

  • Rent calls: automatically generated by the system at each due date, generally not sent to the tenant, even if this may be the case, especially for professional tenants.

  • Charges: generated on demand and systematically sent to the tenant.

  • Others: You can bill anything to the tenant, in this case, the processing of the invoice is manual.

Manually create an invoice:

  1. Go to the "Tenancies > Tenants invoices" menu and click on the Create button

  2. Fill in the invoice as desired

  3. Click on the save and validate buttons (this assigns a number to the invoice)

  4. Click on "Send by email" to send your invoice to the tenant