How to calculate the indexation?

Indexed rent = (base rent price  * last index) / starting index

  •  The basic rent includes the sum of the lines of the tenancy indicated as being indexable. In principle, these are "rent" type lines. You can determine for yourself which lines are considered as such.
  • The starting index is that of the month preceding the month in which the contract was signed (for all contracts which entered into force after 1983).
  • The new index is always the health index for the month preceding that of the anniversary of the entry into force of the tenancy (therefore NOT the one preceding the anniversary of the signing of the tenancy, unless these two data are identical).
For example :
The new rent = (Reference year 2013 = 100): € 750.00 (base rent price ) * € 109.00 (last index) / € 108.48 (starting index) = € 753.6.