Reconcile a payment?

Linking your bank statements to your accounting can be a lot of work. You need to track invoices, linking payments to this administrative process can be time consuming. Fortunately, with YouRent, you can easily link your bills or any other payments to your bank statements.

There are two reconciliation processes in YouRent.

We can record a payment directly on the invoices We can reconcile the current invoices with the bank statements.

  • From the menu Accounting >Banks: You have a global view of the banks and on the bank statements, from where you can reconcile an item related to this bank.

You will have a list view for the items in "to be reconciled" status, you choose the statement number to be reconciled.

This way you will have a view of the open invoices: 

From the "+" button you can reconcile this open invoice.

So you validate this reconciliation and the invoice will pass from Open to Paid.

  • From the Accounting Menu > "Banking" view you will have a global view of the elements to be reconciled.