General principles

When you click on the "Rebill" button on a supplier invoice line, it will be marked as "to be rebilled".

You will then have 2 possibilities:

  1. Rebill the invoice directly, typically for an exceptional intervention (ex: duplicate key).

  2. Rebill the invoice at the level of a periodic charge statement which will rebill all the invoice lines for the period.

Rebill facture?

Charge statement

In the tenancy view, the "Provisions" tab shows you the details of the provisions paid as well as the charges to be rebilled:

You click on the button "Generate charge statement", you have to set the closing date of this charge statement as well as to specify whether it is an interim charge statement or the tenant's exit:

When you click on the "validate" button, it is automatically generated.

He deducts the amount payable from the provisions paid.

If it is a closing statement, it deducts:

  • All provisions paid instead of deducting only the provisions up to the total of the charge statement.

  • Any rental deposit paid in cash.

Do not forget to validate the invoice statement generated and send it to your tenant!