Create a counter

When you create a property, you have the option of attaching their counters.

These will be used:

  • To write the tenancy, because the counters must appear in the tenancy

  • To calculate charge statements

In the property form, in the "General Information" tab, you can see the list of counters:

To add a counter, click on "Edit" the item at the top left and then "Add a line" in the list of counters.

You will arrive on a list of existing counters allowing you to link counters to your property. If the counter does not yet exist, click on "create". This brings up the counters encoding form.

Enter the requested information, click on "Save and close" and your counter is created.

Update counters

You can update the index of your counters at any time. Typically, this is done when you receive a consumption statement or when the tenants leave.

When these 2 types of events occur, the system will ask you to update the index.

If your counters appear in red in the list, it means that an update of the index is required:

Click on the "Edit" button, at the top left.

Update the "Current Index" and "Current Index Date" values.

Click on "Save" at the top left.

The system will automatically update the counter index history and will take it into account for your future transfers.

About passage counters
Passage counters often have units of measurement which do not correspond to reality.

A conversion rate must then be applied so that the sum of the indices of the passage counters corresponds to the sum of the consumption of the main counter. This can be done by defining the "Units / Index" field on the counter form.