Communicate with your tenants

YouRENT allows you to manage communications with tenants in order to reduce the volume of telephone calls and emails. This will help you get better organized because communications will be classified where they should be, they will be shared with your colleagues and a history will be kept.

  • Chatter box : It is a trace of all operations performed on any email object sent and received, price change, change of lease status and where you can communicate with your colleagues by sending them messages from this panel just type @the_user_name and write the message. 

  • The difference between a message and a note :
    - Send a message :  Send a message to all subscribers of the document.
    It creates a note and sends messages to all subscribers, those who follow the document.
    - Log note:  Save a note for this document. No notification / mail will be sent.

  • The concept of followers : You can keep track of virtually any object on YouRENT by following it. By adding a message or a note on a tenancy, for example, you are automatically added as a subscriber.
    Your tenants are by default subscribed to the tenancies; you can send them emails directly from the communication panel.

Send a message to all of your tenants

Go to the list view or the kanban view of the tenancies.

Do a search on, for example, a building and select, for example only the "open" and "termination" tenancies:

You can change these filters as you wish to write, for example,  only to those who have overdue invoices.

Then select the tenants to whom you want to write via the checkboxes on the left and select "Send email" in the actions on the right.

A wizard allowing you to write the email will then appear on the screen.

You can then:

  1. Write a personalized email

  2. Select an email template

  3. Add attachments

  4. Save your communication as a new email template