General information

Overview of the home screen

The overview is the home screen of YouRent when you access the application.

It presents the essentials of managing your property portfolio with:

  • thematic blocks and specific sub-blocks

  • status counters

  • short links to frequent actions

  • lists of tasks to be done in priority

It comes as below by default and can be adapted to your needs or terminology.

It presents by default the global status of the team but you can customise it and visualise only your individual context.


  • Free: a counter and link to a list of all properties/lots for which there is no active lease.

  • Soon to be vacant: a counter and link to a list of all properties with a lease that is being terminated and no new lease is planned.

  • Under Renovation: for properties that are under renovation

Underneath are 3 useful buttons:
  • Create a property: direct link to the creation screen

  • Counter and link to properties that do not have an EPB

  • Counter and link to properties with expired ILLs

The last section lists the planned and urgent activities in chronological order of their deadlines.


  • To be entered: a link to a list of all leases in "to be entered" status, i.e. waiting for the tenant to sign

  • In Termination: a link to a list of all leases that have been terminated and need to be closed

  • Late payment: a link to a list of all leases that are overdue (rent or charges)

Below 2 buttons:
  • Create a lease

  • Counter and link to a list with all the leases to be indexed

In the last part you will find a list of activities created on leases in chronological order.


A ticket is the recording of a request for intervention, usually from a tenant who has a technical problem to solve.

As soon as the request is received via email or an online form, a "ticket" is created and its processing starts and can be followed in the interface.

The block shows several "counters" and links to the tickets in the mentioned status. 

The status of the ticket is determined by the "last outgoing communication". 

It means that if my last communication was to the owner then the ticket will be set to "Owner" status. 

Two "shortcut" buttons are provided:

  • Create a ticket

  • Link to unassigned tickets, i.e. tickets that have not been automatically assigned by the system 

Example: the email address used to send the ticket has not been recognised by the system. The request must therefore be linked to an asset manually.

In the list of recent tickets, you will find the latest requests for assistance in chronological order. 


  • Open transactions: a direct link to all transactions that need to be lettered.

  • Invoices to be processed: a link to a list of all draft purchase invoices, typically the new invoices sent on the "vendor-bills" alias

  • Invoices to pay: a link to a list of all supplier invoices that need to be paid i.e. invoices that have gone from draft to open.

The 2 buttons: 

  • Tenants to invoice: link to a list with all purchase invoices that need to be re-invoiced 

  • Payments to be sent: link to a list of all SEPA envelopes that need to be sent (i.e. in confirmed status)

In the last part you will find a list of recent payments.