Generate Management Reports

To generate management reports for your landlords, go to the "Management reports" tab of the mandate.

Report Blocks

Then select the content you want to print for this customer:

  • Financial Overview: details of income and expenses, without taking into account the payments made.

  • Occupation Overview: details of the occupation of the landlord's properties.

  • Treasury Overview: Detail of the financial (Treasury) movements recorded over the period for the landlord.

  • Payback Details:  Details of balances and amounts to be reimbursed to the labdlord.

You can select these contents according to your owner's profile.


You can also record notes.

These will be displayed on the report if their date is within the period covered by the report.

You can select the content block after which you want these notes to be displayed. If you do not select any content block, they will be displayed at the very end.

To print the report, simply click on the print button.

You will then have to select the start and end dates.

If you check the "Save Report" checkbox, the report will be saved in the "Reports" section >Management Reports.

You can also print (and save) several reports at a time from the list view using the "Action" button.

If you then go to the Reports > Management Reports section, you can print or send the report.

This can be done individually from the form view of the report or in batches from the list view.