Generate Paybacks

To reimburse the rent to the landlord, from the form view of the mandate, click on the button or select the action "Generate paybacks".

You can also do it from the list view of the mandates to generate several at the same time.

In the wizard that opens, determine the end date to be used to calculate the amount of refunds.

Also select the payback type:

  • Full: We reimburse the totality of the amounts available to the landlord.

  • Advance: We pay the down payments, within the limit of the available amounts.

You will then see the list of the mandates to be reimbursed with the amount to be paid, the landlord's bank account and the method of payment.

You can add or delete mandates, change the amounts to be reimbursed, change the bank information.

If everything is ok, click on "Validate" and the payment files will be generated by YouRENT.

You will then be able to execute them as SEPA Classic payments.

For more information on SEPA payments, click here.i.