How do I create a new landlord?

By clicking on "Landlords" from the Property menu, you will get the following view: 

In the form, try to provide all the details (contact name, email, phone, address, etc.).

It is possible to add additional unstructured information in the "internal notes" fields.

It is possible to display the Landlords using 2 types of view:

        1. The first is the view kanban:

        2. In YouRENT, the Kanban view is a visualization tool halfway between a list view and a non-modifiable form view, with the display of records in the form of "cards". The records can be grouped by columns for quick viewing or workflow manipulation (easy movement from one column to another)

        3. The second is the view List: 

          This allows you to see your objects (contacts, companies, tasks, etc.) in a table and to filter, group and sort them.