How to quick create a tenancy?

If you need to encode existing property (you just got a new property already having tenants, or you are a new user of YouRENT), it is not necessary to mention all the details of the property to start working.

The "Quick Creation" functionality of the lease allows you to encode only the information that YouRENT needs to manage this already existing lease.
You are free to complete this information at your own pace.

To do this, in the Tenancies menu: Click on “Quick create” and fill in the form.

You can create a property and assign it to a parent property, choose/create a landlord. Select the tenancy type and the invoicing type. Fill in the start, end and signature dates. Select the tenants and at the end enter the information related to the rental prices.

The "Late payment" and "Paid provisions" fields allow you to enter the opening balances of existing tenancies so that the system can take them into account in tracking payments.