Documents related to the tenancy

About the tenancy documents

YouRENT allows you to keep all the legal documents related to your tenancies.

You can also classify these documents by type and define whether they are mandatory and whether, after obtaining them, you must validate them or not.

Add docmuents to the tenancy  

You can add documents to the tenancy in several ways:

Drag - Drop

Documents can be added by "drag and drop" by selecting them in a window of your system explorer to an open tenancy (As soon as you see the mention "Drop files here to upload", you can drop the document. It will be added to your tenancy.)

You can upload multiple documents at the same time.

If you are on a list or kanban view, do the same thing but drop the document on the line or the tenancy card. This feature allows you to download documents for multiple tenancies without having to change screens each time.