Create a payment order /SEPA payment

YouRENT gives you the possibility of generating your payments automatically by creating SEPA payment orders which you can send to your bank via your banking software.

To do this, you must first configure your accounts by adding the SEPA payment method.

Creation of a SEPA payment

If you click on the "Other information" of your purchase invoices, you will find there the payment method linked to this invoice, as well as the beneficiary's bank account:

These were automatically retrieved from the supplier's file in which the payment method and the bank account to be used by default are saved.

If the payment method indicated is a SEPA payment and your invoice is in "Open" status, you will see an "Add to payment order" button at the top of your screen. Just click on this button and the invoice will be added to a payment order in "draft" status. If no payment order in "draft" status exists, the system will automatically create a payment order.

The payment order will appear on the screen after clicking the button:

You can then go to the following invoice or send the payment directly:

Validate and send your payment orders.

If your payment order is complete, click on the "Confirm payment" button and it will be validated. Then click on "Generate a payment file" and an xml payment file will be automatically generated. You just have to download it and send it to your bank.

If you return to your invoice (click on the reference of your invoice on the breadcrumb at the top left of the screen), you will see that the invoice is still in "Open" status but a button appears indicating that a payment is made.

When reconciling your bank statements, the status of the invoice will change to "paid".