How to generate invoices in batches?

The calls for rent are generated automatically by the system at each due date. So you have nothing to do.

However, it may occur that you want to prematurely issue a bill, for example, if you bring in a tenant who only arrives in a month and you want to show him his first call for rent.

In this case, select the tenancy for this tenant from the list of tenancies.

Go to the "Invoicing" tab and click on the button. Generate invoices 

You are then redirected to the bill which you can print or send directly to the tenant.

To generate invoice in batches, you must select the tenancies to be invoiced in the list view, then click the "Action" button and finally “Generate invoices”. This functionality is only available in developer mode because it should, in principle, never be used.

You can consult the selected tenancies and here the invoices have been generated.