How to validate a tenancy?

Types of tenancies  

YouRENT has created standard tenancies for you that aim to be as exhaustive as possible.

You can see the details of these tenancies in the Configuration> Document Composition menu. The tenancy is made up of a series of blocks, each containing parts of static text and dynamic parts. You can change the tenancy to match your specific needs.


When your tenancy is created, go to the "Tenancy" tab.

This collects all the information from the tenancy to be printed.

  1. Bank deposit: (If the deposit is in cash, it must be in the lines of the tenancy because YouRENT must know that you have a debt towards the tenant. You can do it by using the product "deposit")

  2.  The "Tenancy Template" is the template document that will be used to print the tenancy.

  3. The expert: If no expert is selected, the printed tenancy will state that the expertise is made without an expert.

  4. Animals: authorized or not.

  5. The bank account to which the tenants will have to pay their rents.

  6. The address: On the invoices, the address mentioned is generally of the rented property. However, companies, for example, often request that the address mentioned there be that of the head office. In this case, check this box.

  7. Special conditions: all the specific clauses that you wish to add to the tenancy.

Below the document, if essential information is missing a warning is displayed with a detail of the missing information.

Print or Send the tenancy by e-mail 

The Print and "Send by email" buttons allow you to view and send the tenancy to be signed by the tenant.
An email template is proposed by default. You can modify it and attach documents if you wish.

Download the signed tenancy

When the tenancy is signed, add it to YouRENT, drag & drop from your file system to the tenancy opened in YouRENT.